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“GAVISH is a leading company in the field of control systems for the agricultural market”

Product of the Day - Gavish RTU (G-RTU)


The G-RTU is sophisticated end field unit that controls up to 12 DC solenoids and acquires data form analog and digital sensors. The RF capability enables reliable, low cost, long distance communication with the main system controller. The G-RTU is powered from miniature integrated solar panel / and rechargeable battery.    

Main characteristics

  • Up to 12 latch solenoid outputs
  • Solenoid fault detection by unique solenoid analysis algorithm
  • Up to 10 digital inputs
  • Up to 10 analog inputs (4-20mA)
  • Long battery life without solar charging
  • Sealed enclosure IP66
  • Radio controlled
  • Worldwide unlicensed ISM bands
  • Ultra-low power consumption
  • Long range transmitting
  • Self-network registration
  • Any RTU can function as repeater without any  configuration/registration
  • Setting, diagnose and testing by mobile Bluetooth application
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