Economic By-Pass Machine for Manual Fertilization

Manual regulation of the fertilizers flow EC and pH Measuring 3 to 4 Venturi Injectors, 350 to 1000 Liter/hour Stainless Steel Booster Pump Visual flow Meter for each Injector Pressure Sustaining Valve at machine outlet.

Irrigation flow up to 200 m3/hour (High flow rates).
Activates 1 to 10 valves and 3 to 7 Venturi pumps.
Computerized operation – local or using PC.
EC and pH control.
15 Irrigation Programs.
10 Fertilization Programs.
3 to 5 Venturi Injectors, 350 to 1,000 Liter/hour.
Stainless Steel Booster Pump.
Visual flow Meter for each Injector.

Hydrometer and Control Filter.

Fert Counters (optional).